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When it comes to delivery we will make sure that our consumers know we go up and above to deliver.  Giving us the reputation of being the Wise Choice when it comes to delivering goods. We aren't here just to deliver a package with a number on it. We deliver a promise! 


We it comes to delivery this is where Wise Choice really shines. We take delivering one-step above.


When it comes to delivery our customer service can speaks for itself. Whether it is a rushed, same day, or overnight order our customers are informed about their merchandise whereabouts. 


Rather it's a small shipment that we can deliver with our delivery pick-up truck or requires a semi truck. We treat every delivery with the same customer service we have built our reputation on. 

San Jose Delivery Service



Here at Wise Choice we under stand that we are not the only with a busy schedule. This is why we recommend our White Glove service to not only book the best quality deliver but a time slot to receive your goods.


By booking our White Glove service you are available to schedule a time slot with us. This insures that you know exactly when your belongs will arrive.

This removes all the hassle of worrying about your belongs sitting on your door-step while at work. Giving you a peace of mind. Just schedule a time slot that is must convenient for you and leave the rest to us. 


When shipping valuables such medical supplies, house hold appliances, and commercial inventory. Make sure you are booking the best quality way to deliver them. 

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This organization is properly named, efficient, effective, productive, courteous, consistent, profitable, reliable, and dependable. These are just a few words to describe Wise Choice.
If you have transportation needs and want to ensure that the delivery is made, look no farther then the, “Wise Choice”.


What an amazing team!!!
I was waiting on a 600 lb (!) furniture to be delivered from outside the country. When it arrived, Edwin contacted me and was so kind to work with my limited time availability. Additionally on the day of the delivery, as my husband wasn't able to be in the house, Xebio (I'm probably spelling his name wrong) was amazingly helpful in carrying. Kind and reliable service and above all, genuinely nice people. Thank you!


I worked with Edwin. He took on our job from R&L in San Jose to delivery a very large and heavy statue. Unlike the other carrier, I was contacted by Edwin at Wise Choice exactly when they said they would call to make the appointment for delivery. We agreed on an hour's notice before the truck would arrive the next day. Edwin was in regular contact with me and the truck driver was both courteous and knowledgeable. Very grateful that the statue is here in perfect condition.

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